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Adult Science Fiction

83,332 Words (As of July 15th, 2020)

Third revision complete

Dev. edits applied (June 2020)

Querying (July 15th 2020)

A father struggles on a journey with his son, they are lost, but they both find something they shouldn't have - an artifact from an ancient world more advanced than their own.  The father must escape captivity, understand the fall of ancient mankind, and realize his own failings in order to save his son and his people.

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Adult Science Fiction
69,267 Words (As of April 27, 2020)
MS Completed (Nov 2019)
Developmental editing (Dec 2019)
Slated for edits/rewrite (Fall 2020)
Target word count: 85,000

A man seeks safety in a perfectly constructed, augmented reality paradise.  He is given everything, even a love.  But it comes with the sacrifice of his identity and worse, his history and future.  He can right the wrongs of his new world only if he accepts what is real over what is comforting.

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MG Game Book 
Self-Published March 2015
First Published Work

The reader sets off on this first person adventure with critical decisions to make after being gifted a mysterious key.  The key transports the holder to a new world where they choose adventures in which to insert themselves.  But the stories give back.  Characters within them communicate a riddle that is meant to be understood and discovered.  Can you solve it?

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"The cave had beckoned them in the midst of a brooding, swirling dust storm.  At first it presented itself as a mound against a featureless, blotted plain.  Then a shield against the wind and dust.  Then a fold in the blurry hillside.  Ihara grasped at rock to find a cave entrance, and then a great cave chamber, then this enclave within.  All of it was illuminated beyond reason by their torches. The walls and air glowed like sunrise.”

The Light in Darkness

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Projects and publications

Parachute Landing


Target Publication Date: (Nov, 2020)
18,000 Words (May 20, 2020)
First Draft & Outline in Progress
Target Word Count: 45,000
Word Average Per Day: 1,200

This is a non-fiction piece in progress, inspired by prior works and in the first draft phase.  The contents are confidential at the moment.  It is not a plan to train chimpanzees to fly atomic bomb missions.

Samples Coming Soon
BTL - Cover.jpg


Sport Manual
Self-Published May 2017

Chess analysis and tactics are applied to  the rugby field in this manual for coaches and players.  Taking an academic approach to the game of rugby union, Break the Line borrows the strategic language of Lev Albert's "Chess Openings for White/Black" and weaves them into a consumable sport manual also inspired stylistically by the likes of The Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee, and A Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.

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Lifetime Writer / Father / Attorney

I have been writing stories since my family bought an Apple II GS for our house. I'd write stories for myself and keep them on the computer, where no person would ever read them. When we went to other family members' houses, I would do the same on whatever computer or typewriter they had, enlisting my friends to help me at times, and craft stories to keep us entertained.

I never stopped writing, self-publishing a MG game book in 2015 inspired by the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series. In 2017 I self-published a manual applying chess principles to rugby tactics. I currently have two SF manuscripts written that I will be refining and querying through 2020. I am a husband, father of two lil’ ones, and attorney.

I currently run a small, private law practice in Cleveland, Ohio focusing on consumer rights, criminal defense, and appellate law.   Since I started practicing in 2010, I have regularly represented indigent and mental health docket defendants by assignment in Cuyahoga County.  

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2077 E. 4th St. 2nd Fl. Cleveland, Ohio 44115

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